St Mary’s Prayer Labyrinth.
St Mary's Festival Offering the church and its life to the community

The people of Dorchester (Dorset) were invited to walk the prayer labyrinth following the twists and turns of the pathway marked out in the building.

Hundreds of people walked the St Mary's Labyrinth in the week long exhibition. Many came to thank us for our design and ideas. Everyone we talked to said the experience was very moving. Visitors came back for a second or third time and a number of children who had visited with their school returned to the church after school with their friends.

The exhibition contained a number of tools, which brought awareness of the event to the local community. For example, post cards and bookmarks were given out, posters were displayed and table displays were created for the local hospital.


The logo and the labyrinth are one in the same. The pattern of the labyrinth contains the words St Mary's and a cross. The design was turned into a logo and then drawn on a scale map of the church interior.

To create the labyrinth on the floor of the church a grid was made using a chalk line, volunteers then followed a grid map to tape the lines. A template was used for the curves. It took around eight hours to reproduce the labyrinth in the church using approximately 350 metres of white tape.

The labyrinth contains a number of installations each built in wood and painted black. The installations are interactive containing items such as video screens, water, soil, sand, maps and a mirror.

The visitor walks the labyrinth listening to a CD on a headset, which contains words and music. The experience uses all the senses. There are objects to touch, to watch, to smell and to taste.

Richard Budd of Lionheart Graphics created and built the labyrinth without charge.

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